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We are noted for perfoming our work in a wide field within archeology and conservation of historical of cultur...


We conserv the past, looking for the future

Pioneer company in the world of archeology, with over 10 years dedicated to the preservation of historical and cultural heritage.We have a  professional, technical and human team, fully qualified to handle any project in which archeology has a role.
Likewise, and since 2003, in addition to devote to the study of archeology and heritage consulting, expanded our view of the future, working with the same desire and enthusiasm in the restoration and rehabilitation of any historical and cultural element belonging to the heritage

QUALITY AND ENVIROMENTAL POLICY  ARQUEPEC SLU is a service company dedicated to the work of archeology, adaptation and restoration of historic heritage members, as well as consulting for either public or private clients.
In our quest to achieve greater quality in our services and become more proactive towards protecting the environment around us,we have established and implemented a Quality Management  and enviromental system based on the requirements of the UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2008 and UNE-EN-ISO 14001:04 whose philosophy is reflected in the following points:
- Ensure customer satisfaction based on an always correct deal.
- Comply with all the requirements of our customers and those of a legal nature in the quality and  environmental field that we were required. 
- Commit  ourselves to  improve continuosly the quality of our services and our attitude towards the environmental impacts generated by our activity, by undertaking all necessary means. 
- Prevent pollution that could be generated by ARQUEPEC SLU , in order to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with our environment and our surrounding neighbors.
 -  Believe in a better future of our company in which customers feel always satisfied with our services and our environmental performance in the services provided. 
- Achieve high competitiveness in our markets based on trust and loyalty of our customers. 
-Minimize our waste generation and seek an efficient use of energy resources and raw materials. 
- Employees at all levels are responsible, according to their specific functions, to the environmental performance.

Who we are

We are a team of professionals with extensive background and experience in both urban archeology and field archeology. We work with the Administration and with private companies or individuals who need our services.
We are noted by our professionalism in performing the work, being the efficiency and detail  with which we make them our main feature.
We have full mobility , developing our projects in any community nationwide.
We always try to respond to our requests for work as accurately and as quickly as possible, for greater customer satisfaction.&nb...

What we do

We offer a wide variety of services, always related to the world of Archaeology and Heritage. 
- Project Management 
- Advice and consulting about archaeology and heritage.
- Studies about historical and cultural heritage for the protection of historic centers plans.
- All kinds of archaeological digs (excavations, surveys ...) 
- Archaeological surveys 
- Improvement and enhancement of archaeolog...

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